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5,803 plays I Don't Mind (feat. Juicy J) Usher I Don't Mind

I’m proud to call you my.. 

Round trip plane tickets to Shanghai are too expensive around Christmas so I’m not going back this year 😔 I was so looking forward to wandering the streets getting lost in the city.



Kakashi Hatake in Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci spring-summer 2013

I hate anime stuff but this is funny

3,707 plays Your Love Is Black Kaskade Strobelight Seduction


Kaskade | Your Love Is Black

"It’s true I loved you once."

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Did the all you can eat.. I unbuttoned my pants entirely to finish. #foodbabies #canteven #hohmygawd (at RB Sushi - Rancho Bernardo)

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Bruce Lee

you know why they make jokes about chuck norris and not bruce lee? because bruce lee ain’t no joke..


two fingers yo 

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Floss. And Waka. So many people, and it was HOT AF. #MDBP

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