Full body detail and wax, vacuumed as well as cleaned the carpets and interior, and toothless is looking/feeling like new 😈 #projecttoothless #varrstoen #es2 #g35

You don’t know. How good this is. Right about now. #omnomnom (at Ajisen Ramen Irvine)

Galbi and dudbokkiπŸ‘Œ #iwassweating #wrongweather #forhotkoreanfood



Holy jeez.Β 

We fat. #eastcoastbelikewhat (at In-N-Out Burger - San Diego (Carmel Mountain))

Look what finally came in ✌️😏 Who am I seeing! #hardsummer2014

In a land far, far away… #tbt #disneyland




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4,275 plays How You Lie To Me (Photik Mashup) 3LAU feat. Bright Lights vs. Cole Plante and Myon & Shane 54 vs. Juventa


3LAU feat. Bright Lights vs. Cole Plante and Myon & Shane 54 vs. Juventa - How You Lie To Me (Photik Mashup)


Omnomnomnom 😍 #fatlyfe

Carnival games got nothing on us. #delmarfair #donutganggratatata

14,843 plays What Kind of Love Childish Gambino Because the Internet (Bonus)




Childish Gambino - What Kind of Love (Secret Bonus Track)

You know, I was affected by Because the Internet so much. It feels so real and relatable. I just love how the peacefulness of the song is disrupted by a distorted sound, just as life can be seemingly running smooth, then out of nowhere life can be corrupted, but it quickly returns to being a beautiful track; we always heal and forgive subconsciously, which is ironically experienced by ourselves subconsciously within this exact song. By the end of the song we don’t even care that that distorted moment may have ruined the peacefulness of the song, we just remember the song being amazing as a whole and carry on. Things like this are what made Because the Internet so amazing to me.

This song. Never heard of it before idk why but, wow.

I tried taking a picture with all the sailor scouts because the remake was coming out but my only good picture was this one πŸ™ˆ #ax #sailormoon #flexingalittle

Of course I had to take a picture with the trueno πŸ‘Œ #ae86 #initiald #ax

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